This is the 2020, most up-to-date list on active web directories. Monitored 24/7!

RankURLPageTrustFlowCitationFlowVisit Now
1botw.org55849Visit Now >>
2spoke.com54232Visit Now >>
3gigablast.com52736Visit Now >>
4merchantcircle.com53246Visit Now >>
5brownbook.net52839Visit Now >>
6hotfrog.com53042Visit Now >>
7kugli.com51125Visit Now >>
8local.com51619Visit Now >>
9b2byellowpages.com54639Visit Now >>
10ibegin.com53553Visit Now >>
11aboutus.com44070Visit Now >>
12activesearchresults.com46444Visit Now >>
13scrubtheweb.com46244Visit Now >>
141abc.org42027Visit Now >>
15somuch.com45539Visit Now >>
16a1webdirectory.org41718Visit Now >>
17infotiger.com42238Visit Now >>
18alivedirectory.com43932Visit Now >>
19seodirectoryonline.org41621Visit Now >>
20businessseek.biz45540Visit Now >>
21gratisadviseurs.nl41428Visit Now >>
22phplinkdir.com42529Visit Now >>
23enforum.net41419Visit Now >>
24elocal.com44077Visit Now >>
25net-dir.com41215Visit Now >>
26braniewo.net41217Visit Now >>
27ecctrade.com41413Visit Now >>
28familyfriendlysites.com44944Visit Now >>
29allfreethings.com41934Visit Now >>
30gimpsy.com45337Visit Now >>
31info-listings.com42035Visit Now >>
32botid.org32437Visit Now >>
33seoseek.net31318Visit Now >>
34alistdirectory.com31832Visit Now >>
35loadspy.com31729Visit Now >>
36netinsert.com32220Visit Now >>
37zexro.info31624Visit Now >>
38usgeo.org31831Visit Now >>
39hdvconnect.com31928Visit Now >>
40ironlinkdirectory.com32029Visit Now >>
41sites-internationaux.com32638Visit Now >>
42brownlinker.com31729Visit Now >>
43britainbusinessdirectory.com31835Visit Now >>
44jewana.com31930Visit Now >>
45thalesdirectory.com32136Visit Now >>
46directoryseo.biz31930Visit Now >>
47illumirate.com32236Visit Now >>
48thinkfla.com31724Visit Now >>
49add-oncon.com31729Visit Now >>
50sonicrun.com32740Visit Now >>
51secretsearchenginelabs.com32131Visit Now >>
52247webdirectory.com31934Visit Now >>
53w3catalog.com32133Visit Now >>
54usawebsitesdirectory.com31635Visit Now >>
55allstatesusadirectory.com31833Visit Now >>
56gmawebdirectory.com31835Visit Now >>
57galyeannursery.com32224Visit Now >>
58callbuster.net31217Visit Now >>
59intelseek.com32338Visit Now >>
60wewebware.com31728Visit Now >>
61dondir.com31330Visit Now >>
62addbusiness.net32033Visit Now >>
63acewebdirectory.com31932Visit Now >>
64dizila.com31318Visit Now >>
65momsdirectory.net31828Visit Now >>
66ananar.com31327Visit Now >>
67linkpedia.net31522Visit Now >>
68bari.biz31726Visit Now >>
69digabusiness.com31730Visit Now >>
70busybits.com33331Visit Now >>
71mugro.info31624Visit Now >>
72abacusseo.com31511Visit Now >>
73qqpipi.com31324Visit Now >>
74bedwan.com31931Visit Now >>
75caida.eu31728Visit Now >>
76weddo.info32025Visit Now >>
77idahoindex.com31728Visit Now >>
78vip7star.com32119Visit Now >>
79goedbegin.nl34366Visit Now >>
80mccregion6.net31624Visit Now >>
81onemilliondirectory.com31453Visit Now >>
82generalbusinesswebdirectory.com31325Visit Now >>
83generalshoppingdirectory.com31326Visit Now >>
84textlinkdirectory.com31729Visit Now >>
85likeddot.com31110Visit Now >> Now >>
87tele-script.com31620Visit Now >>
88alabamaindex.com31528Visit Now >>
89dir-submitter.info31926Visit Now >>
901m1.biz31526Visit Now >>
91callyourcountry.com21417Visit Now >>
92linkmatch.info22121Visit Now >>
93eslovar.com21726Visit Now >>
94contenteurope.com21622Visit Now >>
95blahoo.net21421Visit Now >>
96hp-links.com21720Visit Now >> Now >>
98deeplinksdirectory.co21321Visit Now >>
99cafeatlantico.info21622Visit Now >>
100bobresources.com21819Visit Now >>

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How Are The Links Listed?

Well, for the most part, any website owner who wants their website or websites added to the list would have to go through a rigorous screening process. Their Page Rank would be considered, as would their Trust Flow and Citation Flow. The importance of these factors in determining just how good a website is for providing quality links cannot be understated.

What’s more, Google itself looks at these factors to determine their place on their search pages or if they belong there at all. For most of these link directories, only websites with excellent numbers on Page Rank, Trust Flow, and Citation Flow have a chance of getting through.

Should You Add Your Links To These Sites?

Absolutely, you should. Remember that exchanges in quality links helps a lot in achieving good SEO performance and Google certainly takes the presence of websites on link directories like those found on into account when ranking said websites. Basically, you have a lot to gain by adding your sites’ links to these directories and submitting the links to as many of them as possible would be even better for you.